Wednesday, June 24, 2009

finally healed

Y I P P Y ! ! !

i'm getting better now peeps! ;)
ughh..thank God i can get back to work tomorrow. huff..i miss those hectic stuffs and crazy moments however...
after all that bed rest and medicines..i think that's super enough to bore me for almost 5 days. geezzz~

i went to the doctor (finally) yesterday...she's young, beautiful, and nice i must say ^^
but she told me not to do this(s) and that(s). hiks. everything that i mostly do everyday!
and she gave me 3 medicines + 1 vitamin. and voila now i'm healed! *big grin*

so i think i want to say huge thanks to dr. Hanna and all my lovely friends, especially joni for the cream soup! ;D
not to mention mas agung, widi, dody, dilla, egi, jack, buldut, and others that has supported me via facebook =p

thankkkk youuuuuu guuyyyss~

hummm..just a little update from me...i manage a photoshoot with Kate by the end of this week, i think it will be on saturday. so i'm just soooo excited and nervous too. can't wait! i've found the concept but still looking for more references though. wish me luck! ;)

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