Friday, June 19, 2009

award AND me!


State five interesting facts about the award giver


1). she's 20 years old.
2). she has 3 analogue cameras which is cool.
3). by that i can say that she has passion in photography.
4). i think she's friendly and talkative.
5). we never met before anyway lol, but i think she's nice :)

Every blogger has to state 10 facts or hobbies before choosing


1). humm...i'm a bit clumsy. JUST A BIT. >,<
2). and i think i'm also weird, but in a good way. really.
3). i love photography, and love to see the unseen. capture the unimportant things yet meaningful to me.
4). i love to mixed food up while eating. like banana with crackers. bread with lays. ice cream with crackers (again). french fries with ice cream. it's usually something salty + something sweet i might say >.>
5). i can't swim. yeah LAUGH!
6). i can be so spontaneous, and nervous as hell at the same time.
7). i truly love dogs. and dogs. and dogs. and yeah, DOGS.
8). i do weird moves, weird voice, and other weird things, and never realized it until my friends told me.
9). i love music...especially jazz and oldies like rod stewart, david foster or beegees, etc.
10). i hate silence. i (unconsciously) hum hum and hum whenever/wherever i hear no sound surrounds me, even if i'm in the lift and there's many ppl in it. >.<

...i will continue this up to 25 cause i'm just copy-paste this from my facebook =p

11). i love morning, but i'm not a morning person i guess...
12). i always sleep at the right side of my bed.
13). i hate any kinds of violence.
14). i would LOVE~~ to go to japan.
15). i haven't found what my passion is. just go with the flow.
16). i hate rainy days. it just simply turns off my mood.
17). i'm too self-conscious sometimes, worried about some things which is no need to be worried,
18). and always aware of what people said about me.
19). i like to have everything organized, but sometimes i don't have spirit to do it. yeah, lazy-ass.
20). i enjoy my time alone. i'm just alone, but not lonely =p two different things, huh?
21). but i also love to have my beloved friends around. fooling around, throwing jokes, laughing at each other, telling stories, talking about life and else. quality time indeed.
22). i have a good self-confidence at a time, and a lack of self-confidence sometimes.
23). now i'm thinking what should i write on the next number..
24). ..and haven't found anything to write yet..
25). so i guess i just end this up by sayin thank you for your kindness, wasting your "so-little-time-so-much-to-do" just to read my stupid post! CHEERS~~


  1. Love this kind of posts, beb :) Not stupid at all!

  2. yay! you deserved it my dear. XD
    hugs and kisses. muach.
    take care.