Friday, December 26, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

so this is christmas~

i had a good christmas time this year with my family ;) we're visiting our relatives and having a good time together..having dinner at shabu tei (yum yum uh huh), and after that i met my dearest friends in another place to spent the rest of the nite. sadly, i don't have any pics of christmas this year ;( this photo above is my last 2007 christmas photo session with my buddies. and that's all i got. oh and some pics of me and my dog in christmas theme =p SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS GUYSSSSS...wishing you a berry-merry christmas ;p

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

let's get the party started!

so here it is.....some of my shots from TRANS 7UARA :D

t h e c h a n g c u t e r s

a r i e l " p e t e r p a n "


a g n e s m o n i c a

o m e s h + a m i n g

get ready for the war

a couple of hours before TRANS 7UARA with the team ^^

TRANS 7UARA - the preparation

my company held a big celebration for its 7th anniversary called "TRANS 7UARA" on December 15th and i took part in it :). and these are the pictures that i took 2 days before the BIG DAY.

Monday, December 22, 2008

just make sure you guys know that now i'm officially working as a photographer in TRANS|7 under the TRANS CORPORATION since December 2008. so it's almost been a month i guess ;) it's quite fun to do your hobby as a job. working in a big company triggers me to be more discipline (which is good), learning to work in such a big team and also meet so many people in different positions. i'm glad that i found many humble and lovely people to work with ^^

so at this point, i am e x c i t e d having a chance to experience all of these.

and yeah, november rain has passed (i lost my DSLR camera and my cellphone BOTH last month) >,< now it's time to move on! new plan new perspective new resolution! hell yeeaaahh~ wooohooooooooo....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

b o r i n g ~

okay, let me start my initial post on my very-first blog with this word.

B O R I N G.


woke up today at 10.30 am, a friend of mine called, still sleepy, but remembering i have slept for about 15 hours so i was glad for the call (yeah i got some lacks of sleep for the past two weeks, i have no working hours on my job and still couldn't handle that +_+ ). and until now i haven't done anything instead of typing this and that. huhuh. yea yea super-lazy me. i'm enjoying my freetime anyway, but i miss my friends so much.