Sunday, June 21, 2009


okay so i've been sick since...friday, i guessed. it's actually started on wednesday. i sneezed sneezed and sneezed without any single thought that i would be really sick. and on friday it got worse. hard to move, hard to think, hard to speak. i'm totally a walking-zombie-with-tissues at the office that day. o yeah, and the medicine i took had a superb sleepy-effect but i tried so hard to opened my eyes. can u imagine that? maybe i should put a duct tape on my eyes to keep them widely open.

and the best part is....

i missed the opportunity to take the documentation for Djarum Indonesia Open 2009 event ;(
(sssstt, i got a part in the opening video of indonesia open =p , so you'll see me for like 4 seconds each time you watch this event on your television lol)
oh i am, so so soooooooo sad!

and tomorrow i have to attend a general training program in my office, starts from 8am - 6pm EVERYDAY for 2 weeks!!!
God, could it be worse? hufffff~

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  1. i hope you'll get well soon dear :)
    drugs and vitamins will help you
    take care