Monday, June 29, 2009


i finally did a photo session with kate last saturday! it was super fun. and i'm very-berry happy with the result :D here's the teaser for you. the upcoming 2 photo series! yay!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

finally healed

Y I P P Y ! ! !

i'm getting better now peeps! ;)
ughh..thank God i can get back to work tomorrow. huff..i miss those hectic stuffs and crazy moments however...
after all that bed rest and medicines..i think that's super enough to bore me for almost 5 days. geezzz~

i went to the doctor (finally) yesterday...she's young, beautiful, and nice i must say ^^
but she told me not to do this(s) and that(s). hiks. everything that i mostly do everyday!
and she gave me 3 medicines + 1 vitamin. and voila now i'm healed! *big grin*

so i think i want to say huge thanks to dr. Hanna and all my lovely friends, especially joni for the cream soup! ;D
not to mention mas agung, widi, dody, dilla, egi, jack, buldut, and others that has supported me via facebook =p

thankkkk youuuuuu guuyyyss~

hummm..just a little update from me...i manage a photoshoot with Kate by the end of this week, i think it will be on saturday. so i'm just soooo excited and nervous too. can't wait! i've found the concept but still looking for more references though. wish me luck! ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


okay so i've been sick since...friday, i guessed. it's actually started on wednesday. i sneezed sneezed and sneezed without any single thought that i would be really sick. and on friday it got worse. hard to move, hard to think, hard to speak. i'm totally a walking-zombie-with-tissues at the office that day. o yeah, and the medicine i took had a superb sleepy-effect but i tried so hard to opened my eyes. can u imagine that? maybe i should put a duct tape on my eyes to keep them widely open.

and the best part is....

i missed the opportunity to take the documentation for Djarum Indonesia Open 2009 event ;(
(sssstt, i got a part in the opening video of indonesia open =p , so you'll see me for like 4 seconds each time you watch this event on your television lol)
oh i am, so so soooooooo sad!

and tomorrow i have to attend a general training program in my office, starts from 8am - 6pm EVERYDAY for 2 weeks!!!
God, could it be worse? hufffff~

Friday, June 19, 2009

award AND me!


State five interesting facts about the award giver


1). she's 20 years old.
2). she has 3 analogue cameras which is cool.
3). by that i can say that she has passion in photography.
4). i think she's friendly and talkative.
5). we never met before anyway lol, but i think she's nice :)

Every blogger has to state 10 facts or hobbies before choosing


1). humm...i'm a bit clumsy. JUST A BIT. >,<
2). and i think i'm also weird, but in a good way. really.
3). i love photography, and love to see the unseen. capture the unimportant things yet meaningful to me.
4). i love to mixed food up while eating. like banana with crackers. bread with lays. ice cream with crackers (again). french fries with ice cream. it's usually something salty + something sweet i might say >.>
5). i can't swim. yeah LAUGH!
6). i can be so spontaneous, and nervous as hell at the same time.
7). i truly love dogs. and dogs. and dogs. and yeah, DOGS.
8). i do weird moves, weird voice, and other weird things, and never realized it until my friends told me.
9). i love music...especially jazz and oldies like rod stewart, david foster or beegees, etc.
10). i hate silence. i (unconsciously) hum hum and hum whenever/wherever i hear no sound surrounds me, even if i'm in the lift and there's many ppl in it. >.<

...i will continue this up to 25 cause i'm just copy-paste this from my facebook =p

11). i love morning, but i'm not a morning person i guess...
12). i always sleep at the right side of my bed.
13). i hate any kinds of violence.
14). i would LOVE~~ to go to japan.
15). i haven't found what my passion is. just go with the flow.
16). i hate rainy days. it just simply turns off my mood.
17). i'm too self-conscious sometimes, worried about some things which is no need to be worried,
18). and always aware of what people said about me.
19). i like to have everything organized, but sometimes i don't have spirit to do it. yeah, lazy-ass.
20). i enjoy my time alone. i'm just alone, but not lonely =p two different things, huh?
21). but i also love to have my beloved friends around. fooling around, throwing jokes, laughing at each other, telling stories, talking about life and else. quality time indeed.
22). i have a good self-confidence at a time, and a lack of self-confidence sometimes.
23). now i'm thinking what should i write on the next number..
24). ..and haven't found anything to write yet..
25). so i guess i just end this up by sayin thank you for your kindness, wasting your "so-little-time-so-much-to-do" just to read my stupid post! CHEERS~~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dj jason in action

tiara eve the dj

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gading marten

Gading Marten for 'Begadang' live @ TRANS|7 everyday 11.30 pm.

jill gladys

please meet Jill Gladys, a cute Indonesian actress :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

happily ever after

special request from my dearest buddy, mas denny 'buldut', and his sweet lover, mbak milla.
they have been together for 11 years (yeah, THAT long. salute. take a bow).
and now may they both live happily ever after!
you might see these photos at their wedding day, July 12th 2009. sweeeeeeetttt ^,^
oh i am so happy for both of youuuu!
<3~~~ XOXO

Monday, June 8, 2009


"there comes a time that every bird has to fly, at some point every rose has to die."

image from this.