Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Two meaningful quotes that connect. What do you think? :)

Be whatever you want to be, and bring the best out of it.
Don't let the others judge you,

If we felt that we're just mediocre among other people, we will feel and 'think' that we are useless, right? But if we felt that we're SPECIAL, that makes us grateful every second. We will be able to bring happiness to other people, and YES, to the world.

I'm writing this as if I have that positive thought inside. But you know what, I DON'T. Actually, that 2 quotes above haunt me every single day for the past few months. I realized that I have this power to motivate people around me. But for myself? I'm powerless. Really. I've tried so hard to motivate myself, and it's not working >.< And if I thought about it over and over again, it's like I loose all my spirit; the more I pushed myself, the more I felt down. And it always come up when I have no direction of what I should do. My family, esp. my hubby is the most spirituous, energetic, supportive person of all time. I'm glad that I have those lovable people around. God is working in His own way. I know it. *That's the only way I motivate myself -___- It's kinda relieving though*

SO, if you ever felt the same way, I will share this to YOU. Read this. It might help YOU -and ME ;)

9 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Just Don't Feel Like It by Skye Thomas

Achieving the really big goals and dreams always involves breaking it down into do-able little steps. Assuming that you've picked a goal or dream that you really love working at, then most of the steps are a delight to take. No matter how much you love your dream and no matter how much you love your work, there are going to be tasks along the way that you really don't want to do. Those pieces of work that we hate doing can be the very ones that sabotage our success. How do you stay motivated during those parts of the journey?

1) Reward yourself.
2) Do it for love of someone else.
3) Trade work with someone else.
4) Truly consider quitting.
5) Share the misery.
6) Just get it over with.
7) Get training or education.
8) Take a running start at it.
9) Figure out a different way to do it.

What's most important is not how you keep yourself motivated but that you keep the long-term benefits of your goals in mind. If you focus too much on avoiding the uncomfortable parts of accomplishing your goals, then you won't accomplish much. Find a way to keep going and remember that all things come with a price. Pay the price so you can get on with enjoying the dream.

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