Sunday, April 4, 2010

LOMBOK SNAPS - The Departure.

Maybe some of you guys're wondering (or not) where the hell are my snaps from my Lombok trip. As you might knew before, yes, i was too lazy and haven't got a chance to do something with all those hundreds photos. And now! I think i'm ready to share it with you, of course, part by part. Too many photos will kill you (and me). So here it goes. I will start this post with some snaps during my departure and my flight at December 26th.

Inside story: Me and my mom bought the ticket online for 3 days 2 nights for this trip. It was the economy class. But as you can see above, I GOT THE EXECUTIVE TICKETS..ha! Wasn't that great?! *evil smile* So when i got to the airport and processing my online ticket, the 'in-charge' guy was like checking something in his computer and looked confused but he didn't say a word instead of leaving me and my mom (yeah nice), and i guessed he was going to see his friend to ask something about my ticket. And when he's back, he said, "The economy class is already full. Do you mind if I give you two seats in executive class?" OF COURSE WE DON'T MIND SIR! *big grin* that day began nicely. But, the meal still no good for me, don't you think? :o


  1. GReaT..
    i eVeR gO tO LoMBoK tOo..
    iT'S a NiCe PLaCe tO tRaVeL aNd gO tO GiLi aiR, GiLi TRaWaNgaN..
    tHe BeacH iS sO AWesoMe!!!

  2. UNFORTUNATELY, i didn't go there! :((( my mom was sick at the time we just seated on the boat. maybe i'll go there later. i am a 'sea-sick'er too actually. =p

  3. Bebyyyyy!!! :D Did you book your whole trip online or just tickets? :)

  4. yay!! i think lombok will be my next traveling ;)

  5. Katya Dear, no it's just for the tickets :D

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