Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Story


oops. sorry. my bad. the caps lock is on =p

so..hmm..what have i missed here...
oh! firstly, i managed to tweak my blog layout a you can it's a bit wider than before..i like it this way though. what do u think? :)

and secondly, i just put a flag counter (again) in my blog, yeah this is the second time i put it here. i lost it (or delete it) somehow back then and i was too lazy to put it again to where they were. sigh.

aaandd thirdly, the valentine's story. YEAH. haha..
my val's day with him was not bad. yeah i must admitted it was not too good at first, and later it get better until midnite. he just arrived from Puncak in the morning and i knew he must be so exhausted after the Outbond thingie for 3 days 2 nights. so i was kinda hopeless for that day...but he was insisted for us to meet at least for church day ^^; all i knew was the awful weather had a control of our planning that day so we're just had dinner, talked about many things along the road, and it ended at my house..watched movie. not too bad right? it's kinda sweet actually.

and finally, i gave him this paintings..

i asked my friend, Mad Mikhali, the fantastic illustrator, to draw our pictures for Val's day and he did it very beautifully. thanks buddy! ^^; draw me more. LOL. please do check out his page for some eye candies :D

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