Monday, July 20, 2009

surprise from melbourne!

Well well wellllll~ I got a surprise from Melbourne, Australia in the morning, on July 7th! It's a CD from a band called "Be'lakor". And here's a thing about the band ( i quoted this from their myspace =p ).

"A dark, melodic death metal band from Melbourne, BE’LAKOR has quickly come to be regarded as one of Australia’s more promising and creative metal acts.

Two years have passed since the independent release of their debut, The Frail Tide. In this time, the band’s international reputation has grown rapidly on the back of high acclaim from reviewers and a dedicated and ever-growing fan base. Drawing influences from the natural world and the perpetual struggle between destruction and life, Be’lakor creates songs that take the listener on a compelling journey. Their highly anticipated second album, Stone’s Reach, is set for release on June 20, 2009. Be’lakor will be venturing across Australia for the first time, taking in performances in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Sydney."

So, a few months ago, George (one of the personnel of Be'lakor) contact me via my deviantArt, and he asked me if he could use one my artwork for their next album, Stone's Reach. And yes, absolutely i gave them my permissions to use my image. I'm honored and grateful if somebody appreciate my artworks, and kindly ask my permissions to use them for their need :)

Congrats George, Steve, and Be'lakor!
Nice to know you :D
Best regards from Jakarta, Indonesia!

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  1. OMG!!! You totally rock, dear!!! So glad and proud of you! Way to go, Ica!!!!! :D