Monday, March 16, 2009

wara wiri goes to bogor~


last weekend i went to bogor for 3 days. it's a duty actually. but it's loads of fun there ^^ we did a shooting for a regular tv program called "wara wiri" and it hosted by Adul and Komeng, and also Kate. (fyi, you can see it on trans|7, from thursday until saturday @ 6pm))

all the crews and talents are fun to be with! young people were gathered and yeah, let the craziness begin =p i wanna share with you some of our photos. and couples of shot from the shooting process.

Komeng, Adul, me, Kate

Monik, Dinda, me, Kate

Kate played the trampoline at SKI ;D

here we met BAMBI the deer =p

live on KISI FM, a local radio station

dinner dinner dinnerrr~

the not-so-lucky birthday crew! ghihihih

we met RATATOILLE too! ;)

@ kampung budaya sindang barang

Kate played egrang for the very first time!

and here are some pranks between the crews.........

BETTER WATCH OUT YOUR BACK. WKWKWKWK~ hum..i got a lot too anyway >,< mostly i got umbrella hung on my bag *sigh* oh! last but not least, i want to introduce my new friend, Kateryna Talanova a.k.a Kate. she comes from Ukraine 1 and a half year ago. she works as a model here and lives with her husband, a Japanese. (sorry guys =p ) she's so lovely and sweet at first. and after a little chitchat i could tell that she's a beautiful-humble-and-smart woman too. i adore her eyes *wink* wish she could be my model someday :D so here she is.

Kateryna Talanova

and yeah, we took silly pictures together, and you can find out that she's crazier than me!! hahah. nice to know you, Kate! *hug*



  1. hahaha i really love this tv program! adul and komeng were tottaly crazy! hahaha lol
    well it's must be fun spending 3 days out with 'em :)
    ehhh bule yang satu lagi mana? yang keriting,yang suka disiksa,huhuhu tega banget si komeng sama adul :P

    and anyway may i put your link into my blog dear? :)

  2. huaaaaa thanks yaaa hahahah. iya si sasha lagi ada urusan ijin kerja gitu..jadi sementara digantiin dulu sama si kate. hihihih.. thanks ya anyway..wah dengan senang hati loh klo mau naro link blog gw..huhuuuyy :D

  3. Awwwww! Girl, I totally adore you! (^_^) Thank you so much for all the nice words about meeeee! Your opinion is mutual! (^3^) Love the pictures tooooo!!!.... And don't hesitate to ask me to be your model, hehe ;) HUGS-HUGS-HUGS

    p.s.: don't be confused by my nickname ;)

  4. yippppyyyyyy~ let's do some photo shootssssssss kateee! can't wait!! :D :D :D

  5. Yay! I'm in! Any ideas, sweets? (^_^)

  6. hummm..i'll find references first that fit with you and i'll let you know soon ;D oh, you can see my artworks here

    how can i contact you by the way? e-mail? or your phone number perhaps? you can tell me via my email:


  7. icha canggih main bareng artis papan atas heheheheh

  8. aww itu cikita monika bukan ya...hehe teman satu kuliahan dulu :P

  9. hahaaha....bang komeng...adul...kocak abiz n kateryna so beauty...

  10. Who are you Kate? Why and how do you join the wara-wiri? Are Komeng and Adul dangerous ? Are you happy working with them ? I just wanna you safe, Neng Kate.

  11. KOmeng dan Adul kocak skali,,,

    Sy suka kalau adul di kerjain komeng n di belain sama katty..salam wara-wiri